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The WORK HARD Ltd. Ed.


Back in the late '70s, the best-selling poster in the world was unleashed on bedroom walls across American teendom: Farah Fawcett In The Red Swimsuit. At the same time, the kids with a few priors rocked a different poster: the iconic 'STUDY HARD' mystery girl. If you'd been around and knew a few things, if you'd seen some shit in your short time on Earth, you'da had this particular poster on your wall.

So, as a tribute to those true late '70s mavericks, we've created our own version of 'STUDY HARD:' the WORK HARD Limited Edition!

• an 18"x24" poster
• a women's white w/black ringer tee

Bitchin' ringer tee for her that, if worn correctly, will be as distracting as it is commanding. Righteous poster of said tee, worn correctly, for him -- suitable for the shop wall or van ceiling.

Only FIFTY sets were produced, so order with confidence and know that there will only be 49 other souls as stylish as you. Right on.