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THE 2013 AUTOCULT calendar


The shop wall is sacred ground. And we know this. Which is why we made our 2013 AUTOCULT calendar worthy of the space on the wall it'll inhabit. The "hot rod pinup" is a concept that has, unfortunately, been butchered by just about every magazine on the stands, but we're here to put back the goodness in the world that those lesser magazines and so-called 'photographers' keep taking out with every craptastic pinup shoot they perpetrate.

So, order with confidence! For each month of our 12"x12" heavy stock '13 calendar, we've tapped some of the finest photographers on the planet, some of the most iconic cars of our days and some of the most beautiful women you'll ever hope to meet. And since we'll probably never see these cars and these girls at the same place at the same time ever again, well, that just makes this limited edition calendar even more special, no?