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Not much is known about Snider's Speed Shop in San Mateo, CA. It was a small speed shop owned by a Kraut for a few years in the '50s and he made a few cast-aluminum fuel logs and other speed goodies.

Apparently, ol' man Snider was a loose cannon and he had a reputation for going off the reservation every now and again. We totally dig that about him and this t-shirt is half tribute and half actual speed shop logo.

The front of our Snider Speed Shop tee is heart-patched with a hand-drawn original logo over the original shop's address and long-gone phone number. The shop is equally as gone, but we thought you'd dig that vintage info, too.

The back is a German warbird-on-a-shield "Street Racer" type of thing that we think does a decent job of personifying ol' man Snider and all his German-engineered craziness. Good times to be had in our Snider shirt.

White tee in all the right sizes. Original logo in black on the front heartpatch. Yellow and black "Street Racer" shield across the back. Get your ausgezeichnet on proper.

Available in M-XXL