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In the late '60s, Jim Savoy opened Savoy Auto Parts in San Francisco. Now, it was no secret that the Black street racers were mixing it up with the Black Panther Party at the same time. But it wasn't generally known that the Black Panthers were holding meetings in the back of the Savoy shop in those years, too. Jim was partying pretty good with Sly Stone and Eldridge Cleaver in them days and there just couldn't be a better window decal than the original Savoy Auto Parts logo to wrap it all up in one solid statement.

Jim had a buddy who was a d.j. on a local funk station and an illustrator and had him come up with this iconic design for the auto parts store. We found an old decal on the rear window of his '51 Henry J street freak gasser years ago and thought it would make a bitchin' t-shirt. Jim said, "No problem, my man..." and it was Thundercats Are Go from there.

So, fist in the air, brother and get it ON with your own Savoy Auto Parts shirt. Endorsed by the Father of Black (horse)Power, himself. Savoy Auto Parts is long gone, but the legacy is still there in the Bayview neighborhood of Sucker Free City. Come on down and we'll take you for hot fish sandwiches.

White tee in all sizes except Small (your ol' lady can wear a Medium to bed if she needs it). "Open Late" art on the center front. "Unity!" logo on the back.

Limited stock on hand - only M and L left.

Sold Out