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O.L.U.M. bumper sticker

Image of O.L.U.M. bumper sticker


If you live in (or near) a city with a hipster population, you've no doubt had at least one run-in with some dude in his girlfriend's jeans on a fixed-gear bike. Skinny little $#%! thinks he owns the road, right? And he's probably got a patch on the back of his faux-messenger bag that proclaims his indie/emo/baux-haux "ONE LESS CAR" political stance.

Well, from the Occidental Lodge Of Underground Motoring comes the "ONE LESS BIKE" bumper sticker. We won't tell you how or where to use it –– we think you'll come up with a political statement of your own.

$3.50 each or $1.50 if you add it to another item.