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For fifty-plus years, Bruno Gianoli has been building some of the best-huffed dragster, drag boat and hot rod motors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Terrible Ted Gotelli's dragsters, Champion Speed Shop cars, Brizio Street Rods mills, the sponsor (customer) list just goes on way too fucking long.

One of his rare-fucking-deal (short-lived) shops was NOR-CAL Automotive in Burlingame, down the Peninsula from Sucker Free City. It wasn't around very long, but in the late '60s and early '70s, NOR-CAL was THE Nor-Cal.

And if you know Bruno, sooner or later you'll know all about P.F. What is it? Who is it? Get fucked (we're not telling). But to this very day, you can go get a hot motor built in the back of Gotelli's Speed Shop in South San Francisco by Bruno, himself, and he'll tell you all about it. But you'd better bring a half-decent log (cigar) with you.

Meantime, slap leather on (buy yourself) a rare NOR-CAL Automotive shirt with P.F. blazing across the back. Available in Vintage Speed Shop White only, so don't go asking for black or some other stroke-job (useless) color. WHITE, kids – it's the new black.

"NOR-CAL" shop logo on the front. "P.F." on the back.
Available in M-XXL